About usWhy choose Procare Radiology?

Our diagnostic imaging experience sets us apart.

Many patients are frustrated by mediocrity and discomfort when they are put through tedious unpleasant investigations, that often involve waiting in a hospital environment and painful procedures.

Dedicated specialized clinics, equipped with the latest knowledge and technology, can expedite a more accurate diagnosis while eliminating unnecessary pain and suffering. 

Ultrasound guided procedures at Procare Radiology can provide a quick, accurate diagnosis, while being done on an outpatient basis requiring at most a local anaesthetic.

Research has shown that ultrasound guided biopsies have a higher degree of diagnostic suitability, are cheaper, and have less complications as compared to non-radiologically guided procedures.


Our fees are in accordance with the tariffs outlined by various medical aids each year.

Dr Berk Director & Principal Practitioner

Dr Berk has specialist interest in head & neck radiology - in particular Thyroid & Parathyroid imaging & ultrasound guided intervention, including ultrasound guided FNA & ablation.